#MeToo For Boys and Men

My # MeToo art is for boys and men too.  Sexual objectification and violation happens to men and boys, too.  For them, as the objects of sexual harm, they know the shattering, the blowing apart of identity, safety, trust.  Male body, female body, we experience similar, if not the same, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wounding and trauma. 

For men and boys who have had the good fortune to be untouched by sexual violation and harm, this work is for you, as well.  We, who have experienced sexual harm, whose wounds affect our ability to trust, to be fully present as whole people in our most intimate lives, need you to stand with us shoulder to shoulder.  To give us the gift of your empathy, to give us the gift of your willingness to witness open-eyed, straight on and with love, the shadows and dark side of our inner lives.

In my #MeToo work, the male perpetrators are often fractured and broken.  They are broken humans, who, in their broken-ness, are incapable of seeing, feeling and relating to women and girls as full, autonomous beings.

For men, this work can bring them back to their wholeness through the power of empathy and understanding.  They become our true brothers, our allies.  Willing to hear the Truth, stand up against Lies, support and develop and nurture the wholeness within themselves that allows them to live a model of fully human  male sexuality that includes respect, kindness, compassion and the mutual pleasure that includes the integrity of  other beings.

And, above all, you get to enjoy and delight in the creativity, inventiveness, and love of beauty that is behind art creation no matter what the theme!