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It’s connection time: Holiday Greetings,  Thank You’s, New Year Wishes. Send some helium for the heart.  Karen Nagano • Art cards are buoyant snippets of Everyday Beauty, printed on velvety, rich paper with high quality printing that radiate color.   Each 4 x 6” card is hand-signed by me, the artist.

The images for  these cards, in packages of 6, come from my collection of iDrawings, color drawings I do of life around me on my iPad.

Sending these cards gives some love to people you care about.  Or keep them for yourself. Give yourself some love. Stick one or two on the fridge. Remind yourself and others, that, yes, even in this busy, chock-full season, there are moments of wonder and beauty.  

The cards are blank.  Write your own words. You won’t need many.  Remember the power of a picture. One picture is  worth a thousand words. The picture plus your words comes to over a thousand words.  A chapter of a novel. That’s connection and a whole lot of love.

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Karen Nagano • Art


Everyday Beauty I

package of 6  4x6” cards hand-signed  with white envelopes


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