I frequently stand in front of Karen’s Hakone Gardens drawings I own gazing at them.  They take me to a quiet meditative place I do not know how to create on my own.
Pauline Grant, Nutrition Expert, Food Coach

Having the large painting of me in our living room made people see me.  Without the painting, no one would know I’m here.
June Benoit, 13, Musician, Artist

Your paintings are uplifting.  The love and care you put in your work radiates and affects the environment in soothing, healing ways. To me, Art is a shamanistic activity where something dead is made alive by the artist and brings life to its surroundings.  Your painting helped me heal.
Jim Casteel, Artist, Cancer Survivor

Being surrounded by Karen’s art is to be surrounded by beauty and the energies of inspiration and creativity I need to do my work.
Gretchen Menn, Musician, Composer


Having Karen’s portraits of me and my brother around us growing up was a constant reminder of how much my parents love us.  My parents love us so much, and I saw that everyday.

—Sydney Nagano-Young, recent UC Berkeley graduate and soon-to-be Teacher For America

Karen perfectly captured the gesture and expression Rosie gets when she’s totally happy and all’s right with her world.  She also wrote a poem to accompany the painting giving words and permanence to a sweet, fleeting moment when Rosie decided she wanted to fly.
—Tracy Geraghty, Musician, Music Educator, Rosie’s Mom

We have two commissioned pieces by Karen.  To me, looking at Karen’s art is the visual equivalent of hearing music.  The vibration and energy of the color fills the space and transforms it.  There’s a rhythm to the patterns of color and shape.  Like good music; it makes me feel good.
—David Benoit, Musician, Composer, Conductor


Hearing directly from people about my work in these videos blows me away!  I’m deeply touched by the intelligence, sensitivity and awareness they bring to viewing and being with my art.